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Why Buy From Us?

Why Buy From Us?


Great prices

We scour the globe and negotiate with thousands of traders to find the best deals on the products that you need. As we are an online shop, we don't hold stock of the items ourselves. We source straight from the manufacturer, which means we don’t have to pass on the additional costs associated with keeping a physical store.

Huge Selection

Unlike a physical store, our shelf space is limitless. We source products from everywhere around the world, so you'll find tons of speciality products on GadgetMania that you can't buy anywhere else. 
Just because we live 'in the land down under' doesn't mean we should have less options, Australians have rights too!!

Delivery Included

You heard right, free delivery. We include the cost of delivery in the price of all the products we sell, which means you don’t have to pay expensive additional shipping rates for items coming from overseas. But if you want to upgrade to a tracked service for a small fee, most of the time you can — it’s your choice!

Other Stuff

We have a ton of other extras that our customers love — unbiased customer reviews (no one is paid or rewarded for them), great product recommendations, and a generous returns policy that lets you return any item within 30 days of it being delivered.


Low prices, huge selection and delivery included! It sounds too good to be true…

Since we don’t physically stock the products ourselves, we rely on third parties who occasionally make mistakes, meaning a product we thought was in stock may be unavailable — in which case we’ll let you know as soon as possible and explain all of your options.

Delivery times are our best estimates only. Shipping from overseas can sometimes be tricky,  and an order could be delayed by customs inspections, bad weather or even the local postie'. But if there is ever a delay, we'll email you straight away with your updated delivery time.

So while we do our very best to make sure your order arrives on time, if you absolutely, positively, need something guaranteed to arrive on time; like your mother in law’s birthday present - then we recommend you choose an item in stock at our warehouse.