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Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

When the lab coats come off, the gadgetmaniacs come out!

From the outside we are a group of simple scientists from various disciplines who are passionate about everything from biotechnology, to synthetic biology, and neuroscience. But, when we put our lab coats on, we transform into the superheroes of science! Tackling problems that transcend the boundaries of disciplines and dimensions!

Yes, we are unusual. We love swimming upstream. We go against the grain. We challenge status quo, we challenge everything. That's how Gadgetmania evolved, by challenging what is possible in the tech industry. We put together this website to share our passion and story with like-minded peers such as yourself.

When we aren't splicing genomes together for a living, we are complete gadgetophiles. We have a sixth-sense for new technology, and we love testing and reviewing the coolest gadgets before they even hit the market.

We are teachers at heart, and what we love the most is to put our knowledge to good use by explaining new technologies. So you can always trust us to have an elaborate answer for questions like “Should buy an Android Tablet, iPad or a Kindle Fire??”. 

The Nobel laureate Richard Feynman once said “what I cannot create, I do not understand”. Well we also have a saying here in Gadgetmania - “What we don’t understand, we do not sell”.

We are not your average online electronics store. We do not sell bargain-basement products that break within a month.

We study our products like a science project. Like a kid who enjoys taking apart toys rather than playing with them - That’s how we feel about our gadgets. We know where everything goes, what it's made of, and how it works.

Coming from a science background, we are data-driven, analytical thinkers so we let the facts do the talking. When you buy from GadgetMania, you can be sure you are buying a premium product.